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Day 2: First National Park of the Trip

Tuesday Aug, 8th 2017 After our scrumptious breakfast at the Holiday Inn in Red Bluff, we drove to Lassen Volcanic Park. The volcano last exploded about 100 years ago. A rich man got photos of the volcano erupting in 1914. If he had stayed there twenty more minutes, he would most likely been killed by the spewing rocks. Once we learned about the volcano and went on a small hike, we swam in Summit Lake. It was cold and a bit creepy. When we were  done in the water, we drove to a friend's house. She lives on the border of California and Oregon near Mt Shasta. I was very excited to see her pets, a cat named Kitty and a dog named Luna. We had a nutritious dinner on her deck, and then played Apples to Apples with the family. It started getting late, and we went to bed.